What is O2TERRA?

O2TERRA is a private initiative open to the public that is dedicated to the salvation of indigenous trees and virgin rainforests of our common planet, “Earth”, to contribute this way to the conservation and protection of the environment.

With our funds raised, we mainly bought land, where there are already century’s old trees, which would have been felled otherwise. We also plant new trees to create areas of forest, which will be the best protector of our natural environment.

The areas of forest have a variety of uses for humans, including the wood from the trees, nutrition for animals, grazing, recreation, medicinal uses and much more. The planting of trees is the best instrument to act as a lung and help reduce CO2.

O2TERRA is the owner of land and forests in the northern and southern hemisphere. In this way, we ensure the rotation of oxygen from our trees from the south to the north and vice versa. With an approximation of four and a half million trees and areas of more than 4,000 hectares in property and close to 5,000 hectares in possession.

In the northern hemisphere, we have forests in Asturias (Spain), an ideal place, due to its climate and a huge abundance of water, for the growth of a big variety of trees with cold and temperate climate. Here the trees are native to this place and are real factories of oxygen.

In the southern hemisphere, we have rainforests and forests in the center and north of Argentina, places ideal for the growth of all kinds of trees. Here the trees are up to nearly five hundred years old, saved by our system of purchase before felling.

85 % of all the money that O2TERRA receives goes directly to projects; the rest is used for administrative costs and technology.

If you wish to contact us, just fill out our contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Why we were born?

We were born by the need to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide that is growing daily on the planet. To reduce it we have to produce what combats it, oxygen, and the factories are the trees. The production of CO2 in the southern hemisphere has an impact on the northern and vice versa. Therefore, we must produce O2 in the south and in the north so that it rotates over our beloved Earth.

Change in temperature within the same week is an obvious symptom that the climate is neither normal nor right. Regardless of whether the temperature rises or falls in the next few years, fact is that we notice in all parts of the planet cycles of a week more or less of abnormal temperature rises or falls, torrents of water not normal and in places not accustomed to it. We cannot recover normality, but we can contribute to its recovery, if possible.

Another great work of oxygen (O2) is to save the virgin rainforests that are about to be lost. For that reason we have saved some but we need your financial aid to buy land and in this way prevent the logging of these cathedrals of nature, some are in real danger of extinction.

Why help?

Because it is the most cost effective way for you to compensate for your emission of carbon dioxide. You are not only producing oxygen with your tree. It also fattens your wallet, generating profitability that no fund or bank in the whole wide world can because you are free to stop paying when you want and the money invested is not lost.

We need you since we cannot save the planet and its beautiful ecosystem on our own.


If your tree suffers from an illness or is lost for various reasons, we will replace it with another one of similar characteristics. This new tree will be renamed with the name that you had given the one before. 

You can enjoy your tree in situ, whenever you want …, and spend pleasant moments in the shadow of your beautiful tree or own forest.

How can you help?

There are two possibilities to participate and each will take less than 2 minutes of your time:

Possibility 1 – Make a donation directly: Click on the yellow button to DONATE and donate any amount that you esteem as adequate (even 1 €), either in a single payment or periodically, and help save the native trees and the virgin rainforests of our planet.

Possibility 2 – Sponsor a tree: You can sponsor one or several trees for yourself, for your business, family or as a gift for your friends. For the sponsorship, any amount of money from 250 € per tree is welcomed and you will enjoyable visits to the forest that you want to undertake. You only have to pay once; you do NOT have to make further payments or renewals. You have to know that just the wood from a tree is already worth the same or – depends on the size – even more than these 250 €. Each tree will be for the whole life. In the event that the terrain where it is located is no longer property of O2TERRA, you can do whatever you want to with this tree, donate or sell it to the new owners of the land. You can enjoy the fruit of the trees whenever you want to. When completing the donation form you can indicate in the “Comment” field the name and surname (or company name) of the future owner. To choose the location and type of tree, we can advice you, according to the production of oxygen and according to the economic profitability that you want to recover. At the time that you have chosen the type of tree, you will give your tree a name (name that you can choose) and that will be its name, unique in all our forests, which will serve as identification when you get in contact with us. Once we have received and processed your request, we will send you a personal certificate by email with photo, coordinates, species planted and exact location of the plantation.

Can I participate in O2TERRA in a different way without sponsoring trees?

Yes, you can participate with a small donation and when you make the payment through the donation form, you will become part of our population – oxygen generator. From this moment on you can turn on the car or the light switch with a little less remorse for emitting carbon dioxide cause of global warming. It is this easy!

Make a donation

Your donation can save our Earth

It will take you less than 2 minutes: Make a donation to O2TERRA and help save the native trees and the virgin rainforests of our common planet. Without your collaboration it would be impossible to save the Earth that is about to be lost.

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Sponsoring a tree

You can enjoy your tree on-site

You can sponsor one or several trees for yourself, for your business, family or as a gift for your friends. For the sponsorship, any money amount from 250 €/$ per tree is welcomed.

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Where we are


Asturias – Spain

In the municipalities of Bimenes and Siero, located in the center of Asturias (Spain), we have about 150...
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S. del Estero – Argentina

These areas are located in the province of Santiago del Estero (Argentina) and have been saved from logging:...
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Misiones – Argentina

500 hectares of forest are in the department of El Dorado, Misiones province (Argentina), next to the famous...
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Delta Paraná – Argentina

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Did you know that ...

… since human civilization began to develop, almost 50 % of forests disappeared until today?

Did you know that ...

… more than 20 trees are needed to meet the demand of oxygen for ONE PERSON A DAY?

And now the question!

Do you think that we will have enough trees for a population that will reach 10,000 million people by the year 2050?

If we know the importance of trees and the environmental tragedy, that is the deforestation of rainforests and forests – 15 million hectares are lost each year – why do we not act?

Now that you know how much oxygen a tree produces, encourage their planting and care, so support a tree!


The Nature

Forms of Help

There are two forms to help O2TERRA save indigenous trees and virgin rainforests of our planet:

1.) Make a donation online, either with a single payment or periodically, any amount is welcome for the future of our planet.

2.) Sponsor one or several trees with an online donation from 250 € per unit and each tree will be yours, will have your name and you can visit it whenever you want.

4.000 ha
5.000 ha


Help us save indigenous trees and virgin rainforests of our planet!

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